Pythagoras Parents Organization (PPO)

The purpose of the Pythagoras Parents Organization (PPO) is to enhance the students' educational experience, Orthodox Faith and provide additional activities in addition to the classroom.  Some events we have hosted in the past include: Parents/Teachers Night Out, Fun Run, Back to School Bash, different holiday parties and our annual dinner dance in May.  We always welcome parents to come and donate their time.  It is so rewarding and the children love seeing their parents come out and support these events.

If you would like to be a part of the PPO, please contact us at:

PPO Board (2018-2019)

Tijana Hilaris (Co-President)
Vicki Dimitrakakos (Co-President)
Harula Eliopoulous (Vice President)
Michelle Serna (Treasurer)
Eva Harisiadis (Secretary)
Joya Bardezbanian (Event Director)
Anna Aneziris (Purchasing Administrator)
Elaine Danigeles (Fundraising Coordinator)
Kimbery Stamatopoulos (Hot Lunch Chairperson)