Dear Faithful of St. Demetrios, 
We pray you are all well. A letter regarding "Campaign 84" was sent out to our Church mailing list.  We are happy and thankful to have already received a response to Campaign 84 by many of you.
The effects of Covid-19 greatly hampered our parish, closing the Church for 84 days during our busiest and most festive period of the year. We desperately need your help. On the wings of prayer and faith, we humbly implore you to join us in giving at least $84 more per family.
For those who have already made their 2020 Stewardship Contribution or if you just want to make a donation, you may do so online or by sending your donation to the Church Office. If you have not given your stewardship yet, please consider at least an additional $84 when making your 2020 contribution.
Our concern has always been how to minister to you during this difficult time. In addition, we are anxious about meeting the obligations of our Church. Yet, our trust and faith in God and you, our stewards, continue to answer every prayer and ease our anxiety through your response. Thank you for your loyal support.
You can make a donation online and/or complete your stewardship...