Light a Vigil Candle

With our Church open, but with limited capacity and times to visit, you might not always have an opportunity to light a candle.  We would like to give you the opportunity to light a 7-day vigil candle and submit names for the health of or in memory of a beloved one. 

Please include in the NOTE/MEMO section of your donation, either names of the LIVING or of those have FALLEN ASLEEP.  Indicate those who have fallen asleep with + BEFORE their names.  A vigil candle will be lit and a prayer said for those listed.  If you would like to submit names to be commemorated before Divine Liturgy, please contact the Church Office.  A minimum donation of $7 is recommended for a vigil candle.  May God watch over those we pray for! 

(Please choose the "Light a Vigil Candle" Fund when making your contribution and list names in the note/memo section.)

We have chosen to use TITHE.LY for our online giving.  There are many benefits:

  • It is made for Churches.
  • It is secure.
  • You can give via Credit Card or with your Bank Account (lower fees with a bank account). 
  • You DO NOT need a account, but if you set one up you will be able to track your donations, see a history of giving, etc...

Currently you can give towards a DONATION, STEWARDSHIP or to LIGHT A VIGIL CANDLE.  Simply click on the buttons below to be taken to our secure giving page and SELECT THE FUND you would like to give to.  Thank you and God bless your generosity and love for The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Demetrios in Elmhurst, IL.